Hawthorne bunny and small pet hotel prides itself on providing luxury accommodation for all your beloved small pets

When your dearest pet hops, crawls, flies or is carried into our magical hotel they are welcomed at our little check in desk as a member of our family and always leave as our best friends……

5 Star Bunny and Small Pet Accommodation!

Hawthorne bunny and small pet hotel is a 5* luxury hotel nestled in the beautiful countryside of Draycott in the Moors, on the outskirts of Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. We are central to the Staffordshire Moorlands yet in very easy reach of Derbyshire and the A50 corridor.

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, our fabulous facilities and only providing excellence in care and love for your precious small pets.

Able to accommodate rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchilla, rats, mice, hamsters, birds, tortoise, reptiles and also able to offer accommodation to the weird and wonderful from tortoises to alpacas and miniature ponies. Just ask and we will do our best to accommodate

We have 9 suites with beautiful large 2 storey chalet style hutches and a large run area for each

We boast 3 carpeted penthouse suites with cardboard castles, toys and little beds; designed for those pets that do not have a hutch.

All of our 12 suites are named after Beatrix Potter books.

We have a dedicated 3ft vivarium for reptiles with access to power sockets, though you are welcome to bring your own vivarium with you

Also offering a designated area for those smaller animals in a quiet section of the hotel we have a tabled section for hamsters and budgies bringing their own accommodation with them.

To add to the magic we even have a little gift shop selling beautiful reminders of their stay with us until we welcome them back for their next holiday.


Bunny and small pet pick up and drop off Service
Less worrying about the family pet and more time for holiday packing!

Owner of Hawthorne bunny and small pet hotel

I always dreamed of owning a 5* small pet hotel and this dream came true in 2015 when my husband and I opened Hawthorne bunny and small pet hotel after. This opportunity coincided with another lifelong dream of having a family and with the birth of our beautiful daughter, I was able to spend time at home and nurture our little family and our hotel.

With my own bunnies I was never 100% happy with sending them to a ‘boarding’ location as I wanted them to not just be in a hutch but I wanted them to have the same luxury as they had at home with me; castles, carpets, beds, toys, fresh air and plenty of room. My bunnies were my family and I would only wish the best for my family – so 5* it had to be. So, my idea was born….

Having always grown up with small pets and with animals being part of my life I knew that I had time, love and attention to give to pets, along with encouragement from family and friends.

Having been a police officer for 14 years I felt that the time was right to dedicate myself to my family and the opportunity to work from home, submersing myself in all that made me happy and proud to be who I am today.

In the two years that the hotel has been running we have seen it going from strength to strength with only 5* reviews and so many wonderful and loyal customers coming back for their pets holidays. Most of my business comes from recommendations and word of mouth and we strive to listen to our customers and be the best we can.

Read the story in the Sentinel

ANIMAL lover Melissa Astolfi has fulfilled her dream of opening a pet hotel.

The 35-year-old invested £10,000 in renovating stables at her home at Hawthorne Farm, in Draycott, to launch the Hawthorne Bunny and Small Pet Hotel.

Melissa, who has taken a five-year break from her job as a police officer, has created deluxe accommodation for rabbits, chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters and mice, as well as birds, tortoise' and reptiles.

The hotel is fully kitted out with a check-in desk and a gift shop and boasts 12 'rooms', as well as penthouses and deluxe suites.

She said: "I've always had small pets and I could never find what I wanted for them when I went on holiday, there was never enough space.

"So I had the idea to have a posh hotel for small animals after finding there was a gap in the market."

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