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Questions & Answers

Here you will find some of the most recent and frequently ask questions about Hawthorne bunny and small pet hotel's accommodation. If you can't find a question / answer feel free ask us, or contact us on Facebook.

  • Q: What are your prices based on?

    A: Prices are based per day with specified check in and check out times like a normal hotel
  • Q: When are you open?

    A: We are appointment only
  • Q: What times can we check in and check out?

    A: Check in and check out is strictly between 9am and 11am OR 4pm and 6pm - Monday to Saturday at prearranged appointment time. We are closed for check in and checkout on Sundays.
  • Q: Do you offer an early check in or late check out service?

    A: Check in and check out is strictly between 9am and 11am OR 4pm and 6pm - Monday to Saturday at prearranged appointment time. We are closed for check in and checkout on Sundays
  • Q: What is included in the tariff?

    A: We provide fresh hay and bedding daily, along with vegetables. We can provide water bottles / bowls also
  • Q: What do I need to bring?

    A: Bring your pets regular dried food, special toys, dietary needs, treats, medication and their vaccination certificates if applicable. If your pet uses a litter tray bring this along too. If your pet is a reptile you will need to provide the live food and specialist food.
  • Q: Can I bring extras with my pet?

    A: Of course – bring anything that reminds them of home from blankets, toys, treats. We’ve even had a Christmas tree and easter egg brought before
  • Q: What do you need to know about my pet prior to check in?

    A: Upon booking I will send out booking confirmation and a care form to you which needs to be filled in and returned to the hotel prior to check in. This provides me with details such as age, breed, gender and important details such as their daily routine, food types, amount of food and veterinary care details. Also who to contact in an emergency.
  • Q: What payment methods can I use to pay?

    A: We accept cash, cheque (Hawthorne bunny and small pet hotel), bank transfer (details on request) and are in the process of accepting payment by card.
  • Q: When do I pay?

    A: Full payment needs to be made on check in please
  • Q: What is the cancellation policy?

    A: If cancellation of booking is between 1 - 4 weeks prior to proposed boarding then 50% of boarding costs will be charged. Full boarding fees will be charged if cancelled within one week prior to boarding.
  • Q: What if my pet becomes ill?

    A: If your pet becomes ill I will take them to the vets for treatment– this will either be their regular vet or Meir Park veterinary centre. I will endeavor to contact the owner first but whereby I am unable to make contact I will make the decision as to the best care and treatment for your pet. Any costs from the vet and out of pocket expenses by Hawthorne bunny and small pet hotel will be reimbursed by the owner at the earliest opportunity.
  • Q: My pet takes medication, is this a problem?

    A: This is not a problem – I will happily administer any medication required for your pet
  • Q: My pet needs grooming daily…..is this ok?

    A: Of course – we’ve had some very furry guests who have been groomed daily and pampered.
  • Q: What vaccinations does my pet need prior to coming to stay?

    A: With bunnies I ask for them to be up to date with the recommended vaccinations for Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic disease. These are readily available at vets. There is a recommended optional vaccination for Rabbit Haemorrhagic disease 2 (RHD2) which is a stronger strain of the disease but not regularly available at all vets. Until this vaccination is readily available I cannot enforce it.
  • Q: Can I get updates on how my pet is while I am away on holiday?

    A: Of course you can! Your pet will happily send you updates on his/her holiday via facebook, text, whatsapp etc. They may even send you a postcard!!

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